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Dear Candidate,

I am delighted that you are considering Lady Shri Ram College for your voyage of discovery and growth. We welcome all candidates who share in our endeavour to create a community where we nurture an intellectual vigour that reflects a fusion of our heritage and contemporary insights. We seek to foster in our students a quest for excellence, informed by the spirit of humanism, and the genuine celebration of diversity.

With its enormous cost to the community, higher education in India is more a privilege today than the right that it has been considered by so many for so long. This places an enormous obligation on both students and institutions to make the most of scarce resources. We look for students who have seriousness of purpose both in the classroom and outside. We seek out those who take academic excellence as the minimum required of them and are willing to steer their quest beyond merely submitting to the gentle tyranny of course requirements and the limitations of the examination system. Our students are deeply conscious of the leadership potential of women and it is our faith that their feminism will inspire them to build a community free from adverse discrimination and, oppression of all hues. For us, faculty, staff students and alumnae, there is a sense of pride and an awareness of the obligations that come from being a member of the LSR community. It is a community that grows each year with the admission of new students. We welcome those who wish to share in our striving. There are many more who wish to join us than we can accommodate. We are guided by your mark-sheet, as we are obliged to do, but we also look for that something extra that makes a difference. I will urge you to evaluate your own candidature and commitment to higher education, and to LSR, with the seriousness with which we are committed to evaluating your application.

The four year undergraduate programme that has been introduced this year is an important initiative that aims to bring in reform in higher education and encourages multidisciplinary. We do hope that your four years in College will prove to be extremely enriching and enable you to reach your full potential. This College, emphasizing the humanities and social sciences, offers a unique combination of resources in a context that provides unusual cultural and intellectual opportunities. If your commitment to your potential is sufficient to sustain you through the demands of our striving - both academic and extra-curricular - then we welcome your application to LSR. Whether you become a member of the LSR fraternity or not, I we/come the opportunitythrough our Information Bulletin of telling you something about ourselves.

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